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Warm-up (No Measure)

Mobility flow for 5min before we grab barbells out.

Today we aren’t snatching, but we are going to spend time with a barbell like the previous weeks plaing around with snatching work doing the “barbell dancing” stuff. The snatch is a complicated movements and I would like to get a touch on it in the warm up today so we will put a clock on for 7min for you to play

“Barbell dancing”

2-4 behind the neck snatch grip push press

2-4 barbell good mornings

2-4 back squats

2-4 overhead squats

2-4 snatch balance

2-4 hang muscle snatch

2-4 hang power snatch

2-4 hang snatch

x2-3 sets

*this looks really complicated, but it isn’t really. Just getting a barbell, getting it moving and trying to get smooth with the bar before you start adding weight for our main lifts today.

A: Push Jerk (1rm in 12min)

1rm for the day in 12min.

Make sure these are push jerks and not push press.

Unless you are told otherwise by a coach to do PP.

B: Metcon (No Measure)

10min EMOM

6 push jerks @ 50-60% of A
Really focus on smooth quality reps on this. Keep them to a push jerk, not a push press (unless been told otherwise).

C: Metcon (No Measure)


@ a very easy pace:

10m inch worm

:30 row/AB

1min skipping

20m bear crawl

:30 row/AB

20m walking lunge

:30 row/AB

:30 hang from the bar
The goal is to just to move and sweat a little, but not aiming to go hard, just feel good. See this as an active recovery workout, rather than a workout workout.

Enjoy the slower pace and just move and breathe.

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