CrossFit 42 South

Tuesday the 11th June 2013

Hope everyone is well rested from the long weekend. 

Since we are 1 day short of programming this week we will have a WOD that should be done on Saturday morning if you can get there. You can still do your own thing you like to do but you must compelte what's programmed also 🙂


Pause Back squats (3 seconds pause at the bottom)

3×5 @ 80%





Pull ups


Additional Work (get done first if possible)

Strict Press 3×5 @ 80%

At the end Fronning's obsession with milk is kinda like G's obsession with milk lol




2 Responses to “Tuesday the 11th June 2013”

  1. G says:

    Actual fact, i hav driven to united at silly hours of the night on the quest for milk, and i have also considered purchase of a cow, but its far easier to let someone else do the milking for me and i dont think the backyard is big enuf