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Tuesday – Classes back to normal, lets crush 2018!

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Hey all,
I hope you have had an amazing Christmas and New year.
It’s now time we get back into training full swing.
Please reach out if you have some specific goals you would like to work on this year.
Best time to plant a tree was years ago, the next best time is right NOW!
2018 is your year, let’s go get it together…….

Warm-up (No Measure)

Starting with 5min mobility flow

then into:

9min EMOM

1) 1min row/Ab/Ski/skip/run (switch each round)

2) 10-16 smooth quality cossack squats

3) 5 single arm DB thrusters /es (moderate-heavy-ish)

then working up to 1rm BS.

Before we hit fran, take 2-3 quick sets of:

3-5 thrusters

3-5 pull ups

@ hard effort to spike HR and get ready to get after it.

A: Back Squat (Build to a 1rm for the day)

If it’s there, great, if not, just get in 3-4 heavy-ish singles.

Don’t stress if you don’t PB.

B: Fran (Time)

Thrusters, 95# / 65#
Enjoy this classic CF benchmark.

Look to what you have done in the past and goal is to better it by time, more weight, less scaling etc.

Note that this workout is intended to be a short hard push. Something that as soon as you are done, you feel floored, like you have nothing left. So please scale as needed to be able to apply the intensity.

Don’t do it Rx if it means breaking the first set of thrusters 4-5 times and doing pull ups in 1-2 reps etc.

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