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CrossFit MSD – CrossFit

W/UP: Warm-up (No Measure)

Movement flow as a group

then 2 sets of:

30m SA OH carry/es

10 SA high pulls/es

then taking a few minutes to figure out working weights and set up for strength work.

A1: SA Half Kneeling Strict Press (4 x 8/es @ 21X1)

For this one, keep your front leg and back leg in a 90 degree angle. Keep your core tight and non working arm out for balance.
-Rest 1:00 (rest between sides in your transition)

Set up in a perfect lunge, back hip knee and torso all in line. Core stays tight. Pressing to full ROM and owning the tempo.

Start on weaker side first.

A2: single arm DB/KB row (4 X 8/ES @ 21X1)

-Rest 1:00 (rest between sides is your transition)

Keep back netural and core tight then own each set with great form. Full ROM is rowing the weight to your body, not just near.

B: Metcon (No Measure)

4 Rounds for QUALITY:

4-6 weighted strict pull ups*

1:00 row/AB @ smooth pace ***

8-10 pike HSPU **

1:00 row/AB @ smooth pace ***
*If this isn’t going to happen do 4-6 strict pull ups and if that is still tough use assistance as needed to make it tough for the 4-6 reps with full ROM.

**Perfect form, progressing from last week. Hips over shoulders and moving your body vertically not horizontally. Scale back to small box or from the down facing dog. If that is still tough do regular push ups and modify as needed.

***Smooth pace today is something that won’t take away from your ability to preform the next exercise. Working breathing and being smooth, not trying to see how many cals you can hit.

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