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w/up: Warm-up (No Measure)

Get in some aerobic work before class to get HR up and blood flow happening

*5min movement flow as a group to restore ROM

*then 3 sets of:

:15sec active hang

:15sec FLR on floor

:15sec wall sit

then a few squats with variation in stance to open up hips before warming up our back squat.

A: Back Squat (12-9-6 @ natural tempo )

Go every 3:00min

Progressing along from last weeks 15-12-9. We are doing less reps per set but also working with a touch less rest as you will go every 3min, not rest 3min.

A: Back Squat (9 reps )

A: Back Squat (6 reps )

B: DB front rack walking lunges (5 sets: 12 steps )

Go every 1:30

*All done UB

Goal is heavy as form allows

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