CrossFit 42 South

Tuesday 26/06/2012


Back squats

3×5 (build up to a weight that isn’t your max but you are able to hold onto for 3 sets of 5 reps. If it is a PB 5rm and you can hold it for 3 sets that’s great, but, we aren’t after our 5rm we are after 3 working sets of 5)


6min AMRAP

5 power snatch 60kg (no press outs)

5 burpees


25 L sit leg raises while sitting on floor. Focusing on legs up fast and 3-5 seconds on the way down. This is for quality after you finish all the above.


Post loads use in strength work and rounds in WOD to comments

Some info for all you coffee drinkers out there… Be sure to check out the full article by clicking the link bellow this post. 

No net diuretic effect of caffeine

You may have heard that caffeine causes dehydration, creates an electrolyte imbalance, and increases cortisol production. If this is true, then are any potential benefits of coffee cancelled out by the negative effects of caffeine?

The diuretic effect of caffeine was supposedly established by an influential study from 1928 that involved only three subjects who were observed for only a few hours. While it’s true that caffeinated beverages like coffee may produce an acute diuretic effect, there is no evidence of caffeine-induced chronic dehydration in any scientific literature. To the contrary, caffeinated drinks have almost the same effect on body fluid balance as pure water! Even if caffeine may increase urinary water loss in the short-term (within a few hours), physiological processes that oppose dehydration are more than capable of counteracting this effect when coffee is consumed in moderation. Therefore, moderate coffee intake does not present any risk of dehydration.

A full article can be found here 


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