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Warm-up (No Measure)

From the start of class you have 8min on the clock to get some easy row/AB in.

Every :45 get off and do:

10 sit ups + 3 inch worms.

Gradually build up your speed for the WOD.

Interval work

Can start on either row or AB to allow for a nice flow.

We will try to get you into groups of 3 and follow each other through to make sure you stick to the prescribed rests.

Metcon (Calories)

1:00 max effort cal AB

-rest 3min

1:00 max effort cal row

-rest 3min

:45 max effort cal AB

-rest 2:45

:45 max effort cal row

-rest 2:45

:30 max effort cal AB

-rest 2:30

:30 max effort cal row

-rest 2:30

:15 max effort cal AB

-rest 2:30

:15 max effort cal row

Finished! Score is total calories combined.
I’m not going to lie, this is going to hurt.

Go hard on the AB/row to get as many cals as you can, but not so hard that you hit a complete drop off after the first 1min intervals.

The score will be the total cals.

Enjoy The Process!

midline/accessory work

3-4 sets, not for time of:

:20-:40 side plank (es)

:20-:40 pallof press hold (es)

5-10 strict TTB

Go from one movement to the next etc. Not times, but still move with internet and purpose.

Make this as hard or easy as you need to based on your level of fitness/strength/skill.

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