CrossFit 42 South

Thursday the 19th September 2013

If you are on a rest day please come in and do some skill work and mobility, I guarantee you need the skill work and mobility. Everyone does.

If you are not on a rest day, there is no excuse for not showing up. I don’t care if you don’t like running, rowing, skipping or the combination. It may be boring, you may think you’ll lose your gains, but you need to get over it and show up. These days are important. Our strength days are important. You’re a CrossFit athlete, so don’t pick and choose please…..



For time compete the following:

Buy in- 500m row AHAP (this will be scored)


3 rounds of:

Run 625m

75 double unders


Score will be your 500m time and your overall time so don’t game the row. Try set a PB on it.


This is a 12 egg omelette/quiche thingy. It was about 5cm thick and was epic.. Just thought I’d share some of my epic meal times 🙂


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