CrossFit 42 South

Thursday the 11th July 2013

Those athletes doing smolov you will not do the daily WOD. Use today as either a catch up on the additional work you have missed during the week or if you completed everything so far come in and work on mobility. Don’t just stay at home because you have done all the work. I promise you’ll need the mobility work and possibly some skill work.



Tabata row for max calories

Rest 2minutes


Tabata shuttle sprints (10m up, 10m back)


Rest 2minutes


Tabata Jumping lunges for total reps


*score is total cals/total shuttles/total lunges.

Every 10m shuttle = 1rep

WOW.. Don't even talk about his no reps because I'm sure if he has to he could lock out easily.. He's better then everyone so he wins


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