CrossFit 42 South

Thursday- Handstand/Double under skill + aerobic interval training

CrossFit MSD – CrossFit

W/UP: Warm-up (No Measure)

Today no fluffing about. Getting straight into our warm up then straight into intervals.

10min skill based warm. up of:

20-40 double unders or :40sec practice

5-10 HS walk or HS hold practice*

*HS hold up on wall/ pike HS hold/ whatever you can do

A: Metcon (Calories)

Mixed Intervals:

We did this last week as :30/:30 and we are working again today but longer work time.


1:00 work

1:00 rest
Score today is your lowest nmber of calories on each machine total. So you may end up doing 20 cal each machine the first round but end up dropping to 10 cal on each machine. Your score is then 40. This is an incentive to go as fast as you can while wokring on maintaining your pace. You will get no credit for getting 20calories on 1 ound.

TIP:Look back in your wodify to last wednesday and see what your score was. Use this data as a guide to how fast you may be able to go today. You may be able to hold that pace or need to go a little slower but you have datd from last week, use it. Dont just guess.

Alternating each set on each machine, row/run/ski/AB

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