CrossFit 42 South

Thursday (Good barbell practice day, Get after it)

CrossFit MSD – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

quick general mobility flows before barbell warm up

barbell cycling w-up / practice

Weight is 35% of MAX Power Clean

10 Reps of Each Movement

-Power Clean TNG

rest 45 sec

-Push Jerk TNG

rest 45 sec

-Power Snatch TNG

rest as needed

-Hang Squat Clean

rest 45 sec

-Hang Squat Snatch

rest 45 sec

-Overhead Squat

rest 45 sec

-Hang Squat Clean Thruster TNG

GOAL: Breathe and work on perfect t&g efficiency. – Keep Contractions very light, lose grip and relax. Be smooth, fluient and really think about what you are doing…

Complete 1-2 rounds. first round with a barbell then the next is your choice.

A: 3 position power snatch (10 sets going ever 2mins)

start around 60-65% best PS and build.

PERFECT form is the main goal over weight. There is a lot of reps to be done, so be smart in your weight jumps and how heavy you go. Do not allow your lifts to be sloppy.

B: Metcon (No Measure)

if you have time after spend 10-15min doing some easy rowing/AB/skipping etc to just move @ an easy pace:

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