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W/UP: Warm-up (No Measure)

These rebound sessions or recovery type sessions allow you to bounce back from hard training and help to spring back into another days hard training.

It is good for your body but also your mind to have a lower intensity day where you just move, breathe and sweat a little without going heavy, fast or being in general discomfort from a tough workout.

Embrace it, Love it, Appreciate it.

7min easy AMRAP:

:30sec skipping double under practice

10 Russian twists ***

5 down facing to up facing dogs (staying active in the shoulders, locking arms out pressing through)

***Focus on rotating through the torso more than just the arms. Can be weighted with plate, medal or DB. Also feet off the floor is harder than keeping knees bent and feet on the floor.

A: Metcon (No Measure)

40min AMRAP:

work on any machine at a slightly uncomfortable pace for :30-:45sec to raise your heart rate, then follow with :30-:45sec at very easy effort to allow your heart rate to come back down.

After you do the above, get off and walk around for 1min or so until you feel your heart rate has recovered then repeat for the duration of the workout.

*In this time your welcome to do some mobility work to help you recover.

The goal is to practice recovering between sets. Everyones working pace will vary depending on their fitness.

This is not hard interval training but the work time will feel a little uncomfortable but then you match that with some easy work then a quick walk about before going again.

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