CrossFit 42 South


CrossFit MSD – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

12min on the clock for easy RTW work

:30sec row/ski/run

:30sec skip/DU practice

5 kip swings

The way we will flow todays session is just stagger everyone a touch so you arn’t warm, then waiting around as we only have 4 AB to work on.

Once you are done, you spend the remaining time showing love and support to other memebrs getting after it

A: Hang Power Clean (1rm in 10min)

Building to 1rm in 10min

You will again have to work quickly on this but try to get in some quality sets. Get in reps quickly while the weight is light then as it gets heavier you rest a little longer.

B: 10min max Assault bike cals (Calories)

10min for max calories

We will run this is waves obviously but this is a great benchmark to have to compare to later in your fitness journey.

When you arnt working, help to encourage and motivate those working.

We thankyou for your patience while waiting around, it will be worth it though

By getting this done you are acheiving something amazing as a lot of people will ‘cherry pick’ this beacuse it is hard and boring.

So well done to you!!!

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