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Warm-up (No Measure)

quick general movement flow then talking about the ski ergs and runners

A: Metcon (No Measure)

45min on the clock @ easy-ish effort: Please don’t try to push this to hard, not everyday can or should be done at that middle to high intensity. Contary to your beleif of having to go harder to be better or get fitter, you can actually make yourself less fit, sicker and overall more unhealthy if you try to workout at high intensity everyday. This is why we like to some days only lift, some days do this long slow easy work, other days we go hard too. It all just needs to blend, that said, have fun today on new stuff (runners and ski ergs)

:45 row

10-15m bear crawl (half distance forward, other half backward)

:45 AB

10-15m walking lunge steps (half distance forward, other half backward)

:45 ski erg

10-15m inch worms

:45 air runner

10-15m duck walks
where we have ski/run/AB/row, you can do them in any order. Just getting a good play on the new runners and ski ergs today

*On the going backwards on the lunge and crawls, be aware of where you are and take your time to try coordinate this movement.

*On the crawls, it is very important your back is flat and level with shoulders. Knees just off the ground and minimal movement side to side at the hips

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