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Warm-up (No Measure)

-If you get in early, give yourself 5min aerobic work to start and practice a few DU too.

-general mobility flow to get going for a few min

-then taking a few min to just get head around all the movements etc going on. Main things will be figuring out scaling options on the strict pull ups, make sure your rope is out and ready for part B then we should be able to just get after it..

A: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

A) 30min EMOM:

1) :15-:25 side plank /es

2) :30-:50 wall sit

3) :20-:50 FLR on floor

4) 5-10 strict pull ups

5) max cal AB/row in :50***

6) rest
***On the AB or row, goal is to go as hard as you can but keeping the cals to the same effort each round as close as possible. So rather than smashing out 25 cal then dropping off to 15, we would rather you hit 20 each round… Tough effort, but allowing you to keep going. But not too easy. This isn’t yesterdays EMOM pace, this is MUCH faster than that.

If anything here looks like it is ‘too easy’ for you and you want to add in some extra sprice, here are your options:

-side plank rotations

-2xKB in front rack position

-on rings

-add weight to pull ups

-GO faster

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

The EMOM on B starts when the clock hits 35.

B) 10min EMOM:

1) 15-55 double unders

2) 8-15 no push up burpees
This effort can be tough, but should not have a drop off on your reps at all. Pick a number and stay with it.

If you DU are still a work in progress, set yourself :40 to just practice reps, rather than count reps.

*this starts when the EMOM clock hits 35. Be ready.

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