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Warm-up (No Measure)

5 sets

:20-:30 FLR on floor

:10-:20 side plank (on straight arm, not forearm)

:10-:20 side plank on other side

5 scap pull ups

*this is a good little sneaky stability based warm up. Challenge yourself

then tking the time needed to build to your first working set

A1: close grip bench press (5 x 5 @ 30X1)

-rest 1:00-

goal today is to add 1-2kg from last weeks 5×5 if form allows.

A2: Dumbbell Power Clean (5 x 10-15 )

-Rest 1:30-

Good form but heavy as you can go. This is pretty much a groun to shoulder with a DB in each hand. REally work on an aggresive hip extension to get the DBs up to the shoulders.

B: Metcon (No Measure)

NFT or reps but just good work:

8 rounds of:

:20 push ups for max reps (PEREFCT reps)

:10 rest

:20 banded tricep push downs

:10 rest

:20 chin over bar hold (or as long as you can in this time)

:10 rest
for the push ups, focus on not letting hips and thighs touch the floor, keeping your shoulders from shrugging up into your ears and elbows in by your sides. Really work for the best position you can manage please.

Tricep push downs, good lock outs on every rep. Feel that burn.

Chin over bar hold is with a pronated grip and you can jump into the rep. If you can’t hold yourself over the bar at all, just do a ring row hold rings on chest

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