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WOD: Tuesday the 18th February 2014

Monday, February 17th, 2014

6 rounds of the following complex:
3x press
3x push press
3x push jerk
*build across sets. Rest 1:00-1:30

3 RFT of:
15 KBS 24/16kg
10 burpees

-rest 5:00

3 RFT of:
15 KBS 24/16kg
10 burpees

*All out effort on both. Hold nothing back, move as fast as possible and work through the lactic burn.
*Score is the two separate times

Notice how his back angle stays consistent throughout the first pull (floor to top of knee). His ass doesn’t come early first. Take note.. This is how he sets up for a good lift. If his ass comes up early the lift will not be as efficient had the ass be kept down and back remained flat. (Same applies for snatch)

Now, look at his feet. Notice how he stays in his heels right until the bar has reached the top of the thigh ( this is important for the snatch also but the bar would be in contact with the hip). This is an ideal position to be in. This means he hasn’t started to pull early and leave the bar In front of him.

Last thing I want you guys it notice today is the bar height. The bar is around belly button height as he starts pulling under. As soon as that bar has started coming up he has made an active effort to pull down under the bar until he is In a position to receive it. He doesn’t wait for the bar to magically get to his shoulders (or overhead if snatching), he’s making an effort to get under that bar with speed. All to often we are to blame our lack of strength for not being able to lift more. But, it’s most likely our inability to get under that bar as fast as possible…

20140217-132906.jpg (more…)