CrossFit 42 South

How do I start?

Step 1:

Book a FREE trial class to meet our trainers, see our facility, experience our community and get your sweat on during your first CrossFit workout that is scalable to suit all levels of fitness. To book a trial session just use the contact form on the website and we will get in touch with you ASAP or you can call/text/email us directly.

Step 2:

You will then be given the opportunity to become a member of our gym. But before you dive right into the deep end of our regular classes, we will guide you through a 2 personal training sessions  to teach you the basics of what you’ll do on a day to day basis and so you can get a better feel for what we expect from you when coming to class each day. This helps to get you up to speed and in turn keeping you safe and allowing you to enjoy the journey a lot more.

Step 3:

Show up as often as possible and the community (other members) and the coaches at MSD will be there to help and support you each and every day.


For any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by using the contact form to your right of the page.

Dropping in from another box? Click HERE to hook yourself up before coming in to train.