CrossFit 42 South

Saturday the 12th October 2013

Mini in house comp at 8.30am… Get in at 8.15 to start warming up..

The workouts will be released on the morning. All workouts and results will be posted up on the website like normal workouts… 

You will partner up and judge  each. There will be a min change over time from heats in each workout. There will be 2 heats, Partner A WODs, partner B judges then they switch then we will move into the next WOD….


Open BOX 10am as normal and will run to 11am this morning. If you wish to come in early during the mini comp and watch and play around you can, just make sure you aren’t in the way 🙂

SPOT ON…. Don't get to caught up when things go sour. Smile, have fun and move on. Being able to train is a privilege. I used to get caught up when I have bad training day, be bummed for the rest of the day etc, but it's just not worth it. CHILL OUT…. 




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