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Saturday there will be class at 7am as normal but will most likley be quite due to everyone being in Launy for the partner comp


Warm-up (No Measure)

5min to do aero work Row/AB/Run etc

Then 3 sets of:

50m dual KB front rack carry

50m farmer carry

*Carry weight to the fence then farmer carry them back.

-rest 1min


A: Metcon (Time)

EMOM for 30min

1) 15/10 cal AB/row in under :45

2) 5 hang snatch @ 65% 1rm (estimate if needed)

3) run 100-200m

4) 15/10 cal row/AB in under :45

5) :30-:60 FLR on floor

6) rest
Pick cals on row and AB that allow you to push hard but recover enough to get the work done in :45 or less every round. This isn’t a full effort sprint, but will need to be at about 80% of your max power output to get the cals done in time.

Full squat snatch from the hang, scale load as needed.

Scale run distance to something you can manage as well as the FLR.

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