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Reflect and Acknowledge 2014

Neuroscience research provides evidence that behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated. In this, the season of giving we invite you to share on our wall of acknowledgment. Acknowledgment assists the strengthening of positive neural pathways for both the giver and the receiver.

1. Take a moment to reflect over the past year and post publicly your thanks to a training buddy or a congratulations for an inspiring moment you have witnessed someone go through at the box.

2. Take another moment to acknowledge yourself privately, what have been your top three wins this year in regard to training? Acknowledgment of self is a skill that must be practiced every day to be able to genuinely acknowledge others.

3. Alternatively you might like to go up to that coach, training buddy or partner left at home looking after the kids while you’re at the box and let them know specifically what they do that you really appreciate.

4. Make a commitment to turn up the volume on acknowledgment of self and others in your world in 2014 and enjoy reaping the positive results.

Post your acknowledgments to comments. 

11 Responses to “Reflect and Acknowledge 2014”

  1. jack.h says:

    Since I started crossfit lots of things changed for me I learned lots of different skills and I met new people and I have overall get more active and healthier, and I have got stronger for my outrigger paddling. Crossfit has been fantastic. 🙂

  2. Ty says:

    Can not believe how fast the year has flow guys and girls!!.  2014 has been a journey personally for myself with the final leg of surgey completed to correct some old footy injuries i am back on track training hard, learning new things, and just pushing my body to limits that will increase strength, fitness, and wellbeing for a fulfilled life outside the box and competition arena.  Thanks to Maso for helping me out with recovery really appreciate the advice along the way bloody awesome.

    Very proud to be apart of the MSD team that competed this year in comps around the state,  We are highly regarded in the crossfit community purely due to our consistant performances and kick ass strength,  but this doesn't come cheaply our athletes work extremely hard and trust in the programming and advice from coaches,  a big congrats to thoughs who have busted themselves at training each day you guys and girl inspire me to continue and train that little bit harder thanks for your support.

    To improve in the world of fitness you must take a reality check and ackonwledge your weakness, olympic lifting and mobility is mine, I would like to shout out to Maso, G, Wils, Sjon for constantly tapping me on the shoulder and giving me tips to help correct my technique, keep it coming guys.

    I am grateful for all the friendships that I have made in sharing the passion of fitness.  I love training with you all and seeing individuals grow and smash PB's and simply improve.

    Finally thanks to thoughs who have endured my venture into the coaching world, I love it !!!!! and am honoured to have the opportunity to work with you all.  I have so much more to learn (which bloody exciting) in turn can pass on to you all.

    Have a very merry safe christmas and welcome the new year with a fresh set of goals and challenges that together we can SMASH 🙂

  3. CrossFitMSD says:

    Ok, I'll have my say as well since most of you a shy this year. 

    Firstly I need to thank Lisa for always being there for me. She is always there by my side when I need her. Without her, I would have most likley given up by now. thank you xox

    Thank you to the coaches who help out at the gym. You guys allow me to take some time off when needed and also allows me to focus on my training. You boys rock but I need to give an extra shout out to G as he does so much extra that isn't asked of him because he is a good mate. 

    All the clients who are currently training with us, much love to you all. Thank you so much. Extra big mention to those clients who actually show up to training, you are the ones who really make CrossFit MSD what it is. 

    As for a personal reflection on 2014. I'm very proud of my efforts in coming 61st out of 8,000+ athletes in Australia in the open. As most of you know I had a shoulder injury that I spent 12months rehabbing. I wasn't even going to do the open so to finish so close to my big goal of competing against the best in Australia was amazing. I was sad when I didn't make it but now that I look bakc, I'm glad I didn't. I've now foucsed hard on my weaknesses and turned them into strengths. 

    Bring on 2015 baby!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys 

    In reflection on this year I've not had the best one for me to be honest, don't get me wrong it has nothing to with CrossFit it's been a personal journey that's been difficult, I'm actually very thankful that I've had the box and Maso and the other coaches and everyone else there for me when I've needed them.  I competed in the 2014 CF Open and was really proud of how I went and then later in the year at the CFWX throw down I didn't give up even though I wanted to, but I also came to the realisation that I won't be competing again 🙁 but it's all good Maso is fantastic and my limitations have become even more so as the year has progressed – trying to stay positive and upbeat has been difficult to say the least but like I said I have Maso enough said lol so things haven't gone as I wanted ok then let's start over 

    As far as acknowledging 2014 and CrossFit MSD, I want to give gratitude to all and sundry for always making me feel welcome, but I also want to acknowledge how hard Maso has worked this year in himself and the box and the coaches who teach by example but there's so many people who have had really awesome achievements in their fitness and abilities – doing muscle ups,  PB snatches, well actually PB lifts of all kinds, running, jumping, rowing, handstands etc etc everyday I go in there I'm continually amazed at how people continue to improve.

    Bring on 2015 ang getting my mojo back lol Go Crew!!!!!!

  5. Jocelyn says:

    Oops sorry that was my post above lol

  6. Mick M says:

    since joining the circus mid year i havd learnt many new party tricks & meet lots of fellow Clowns, I Would like to thank Mason & His crew for keeping the workouts fresh & enjoyable tailoring them to suit the needs of each person as required, looking forward to setting some goals  and ripping back into it in 2015.

    Cheers all enjoy the Break and stay safe!

  7. Leanne says:

    I have been doing Crossfit fir 4 months and on occasions find I have become obsessive and addictive as I can't wait for 6:30 each night to see what we are doing tomorrow. I most enjoy not having to plan my own workout and he coaches will explain and demonstrate what and how we are doing  I am always encouraged my Mason ensuring us we won't die during our workouts  I have climbed walls double undered like a ninja and no longer fear burpees I am very grateful for all the coaches Mason in particular for their encouragement and pushing me to always work that little bit harder. Merry Christmas to you all and I look forward to catching up with all the earlies in 2015

  8. Lyn says:

    Well what a year I have had.  Tried doing the open – started badly and finished badly but the middle was great getting my first t2b.  I am a lazy athlete and do need pushing at times but I do try to give 100% when I am at the box.  I would like to thank the coaches especially Moso for puting upo with my whinges, all the extra thinking they had to do to keep me active while I was in plaster, I did loose a lot while I was in plaster, but I nearly have it all back now.  Everyone at the gym inspires me to go that bit harder and faster – thank you.  Three highlights from this year – t2b, 92.5kg dead lift and finally stringing together double unders!!!! Thamnk you Maso.  The competition that I watched in Launceston was awesome and inspiring and made me realise that I need to do sooooooooo much  more.  I would like to thank everyone that goes to the box for being there and making it such a great place to be.  Hopefully I will see all your smiling faces in 2015. 

  9. Fy says:

    I just want to say thank you to Mason and other coaches (Brendan, Wilson, Snoop and Ty) who have been very good in training and pushing me to be the best I can be. I can be scared at times, usually with heavy weight but with the encouragement by all of you, I managed to improve and become stronger this year. Crossfit is an entirely new thing for me to do and I'm glad that I manage to improve and enjoy the session albeit they are very hard!!!!

    As some of you might know, I'm moving to Canberra in 2 weeks time to continue my paediatrics training. I will be very sad leaving Burnie and it was a pleasure knowing all of you. I intend to continue "Crossfitting" in Canberra and hopefully we can meet again one day. Thanks again!!!

  10. shelley says:

    just want to say what a fantastic year it has been , as everyone has said thankyou to all the coaches they have done a amazing job .Mason has been so patience and has encouraged me so much. as a old girl I need to be pushed and mason is there watching and i am sure he knows my limitations better than me lol. I have made lots of new friends and I find the crew  treat me as a equal which is wonderful as most of them could  be my kids not many 52 years  old turn up in tights and singlets every day believe thats the only clothles I own now lol  Looking forward to 2015 and hitting plenty of PBssssss keep the pressure on .Mason

  11. kel says:

    Well what a year its been life has been full of ups and downs and so has my fitness and health! I had a great start to the year I was feeling fit and healthy and seeing loss in weight and getting stronger everyday! Was seeing some PB’s especially in backsquats I am so close to the $1 🙂 I competed in my first comp in devonport throwdown I had so much fun, I done way better than I imagined! RXD the heats and packed my gear up being happy with how I done to be called in for making finals WOW!! But the wod included chest2bar I haven’t mastered the pull ups yet let alone chest to bar LOL all good I completed 15 kettlbell thrusters I left that day happy!! 🙂 even thou I had done it with a wrist injury not knowing the full extent of the damage I had done…. all from doing burpees (see they’re no good for you ;)) so began the long journey for the rest of the year in not doing much lifting, scaling absolutley everything… so here I am hoping the year 2015 will be a much better one injury free (I hope) and to get back to where I was at the start of the year! Lots of hard work but I know I can do it with the help and support of you all at the box!! I’ve made some wonderful friends, who help me get thru it all (where i feel i cant get it done) thanks guys x and just makes turning up to gym everyday that much more enjoyable…. I’d like to thank the coaches for all their help snoop, ty and G but I’d really like to thank mason for having the patience and time to change up the wods for me cause of my wrist and not getting annoyed that I couldn’t do something it means a lot to me knowing I wasn’t left out of the group and i had your support all the way…. Bring on 2015!! Happy new year everyone hope you all have a great night! Be safe xxx