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Reflect and Acknowledge 2013…

Firstly, thanks to CrossFit 42south for this idea. They have been using it on their website for a few years now and I think it's a brilliant idea. 

Neuroscience research provides evidence that behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated. In this, the season of giving we invite you to share on our wall of acknowledgment. Acknowledgment assists the strengthening of positive neural pathways for both the giver and the receiver.

1. Take a moment to reflect over the past year and post publicly your thanks to a training buddy or a congratulations for an inspiring moment you have witnessed someone go through at the box.

2. Take another moment to acknowledge yourself privately, what have been your top three wins this year in regard to training? Acknowledgment of self is a skill that must be practiced every day to be able to genuinely acknowledge others.

3. Alternatively you might like to go up to that coach, training buddy or partner left at home looking after the kids while you’re at the box and let them know specifically what they do that you really appreciate.

4. Make a commitment to turn up the volume on acknowledgment of self and others in your world in 2014 and enjoy reaping the positive results.

Post your acknowledgments to comments. 

12 Responses to “Reflect and Acknowledge 2013…”

  1. ty says:

    Hello all, I guess I all break the ice and get this thing rolling. This month I am approaching my 12 month anniversary and I want to thank mason and G for making jade and myself welcome and always continue to encourage, push, provide knowledgeable coaching. This people can vary between boxes and demostrates theses guys are doing it for all the right reasons. I enjoy working out with you all, everybody has different strengths but its watching the weakness envolve into ‘f*#k did just do that!!!’ Really cool.
    My personal memory this year was casually turning up to open box one Saturday with no plan just going with the feel, warmed up very casually watching greatness around the gym, which inspired me to focus on weakness the snatch, ultimately by just listening to advice and applying I hit a 15 kg increase for my snatch pb. Then I was on such a little rush I thought f*#k this I m going to hit bar muscle up and I bloody did it
    . right i’m on a roll I hit the rings, now I had been practising the transition for months but on this occasion I just thought to myself don’t think just get above the rings and I bloody did it. Could not wipe the smile off my dial awesome!!!!!

    My biggest moment of pride is watching jade envolve, and the shit I got from him achieving a bar muscle first you guys have no idea, but seriously thanks for all the great encouragement, and coaching and friendship he/we have made

    2014 will be special this our community and we are the only ones that make it great. Turn up, listen to coaches, hit wod s super hard and bang watch the results it’s really a no brainer. Merry Christmas and happy new year

  2. STEPH says:

    When I first started at crossfit I had never lifted any kind of weight except for a couple of pump classes. Since I have started I have become stronger, fitter and happier. I've learnt alot about my self, squatted and lifted more weight then I could have ever imagined and along the way I have made some awesome supportive friends.

    I have to say a special thanks to Lucy who has been amazingly supportive the whole time, and tells me to get my ass into gear when I'm being slack. Also thanks to everyone who has ever given me their little bit of advice and encouragement on a day-to-day basis, every little bit makes a huge difference.

    Mason, you have created an awesome business and friendly environment that you should be so proud of!



  3. CrossFitMSD says:

    Thought I better have my say as well….

    I'd like to firstly thank Lisa for being super supportive of me and my goals in CrossFit. When I was in a sad state when I first hurt my shoulder she was there to listen to my complaining and how I just didn't want to do it anymore. Well obviously she had a massive influence on me as I've never felt fitter and more bad ass (shoulder still is mending thought). 

    Now I want to thank G. He has been the best help I could have asked for. He has not only been there to do a 5:30am class when I need a sleep in he has been there in so many other ways not only for the business but as an awesome mate. Love you bro. You have come such a long way as a coach and an athlete over the last 12months as well as becoming an even better friend. 

    I also want to thank the other 2 boys (Wils and Sjon). You guys have also grown to be some of the best friends I could ask for and you both are now coaches and even though you are still learning and haven't done many "real hours" yet, you both are always there to help out when I need it or when I'm stuck. Thanks boys, love you.

    I can't forget Joc, she has kept my gym clean and tidy lol. Also, above all she has been training with me longer then any other person at the gym. In this time she has been there to help me out with anything I need as well as be there for me. Love you.

    Lastly, to every single member at CFMSD, you are all AWESOME! I love each and every one of you. You guys allow me to be doing what I love. You guys are the true rock stars. Love you.

  4. G says:

    Where to start? In most cases i consider myself a person that says what needs to be said but tend to hold a little in reserve, i'm not always full of compliments though those of you that know me well, generally know when i appreciate the hard work you've put in. 

    First of all I'd like to thank Mase, he's pushed me to the point that im at today, although often the topic of my jokes, a lot i've gained from crossfit is because of him, each day is a pleasure to work and train with him and he's become one of my best mates. (Love you too..)

    Secondly some of the most committed people ive met are the parents at the box, they manage jobs and children, and always make time to turn up, can occasionally be a few mins late, or slightly rushed but the effort is always there, and your ahceivements (Gainz) are a credit to you.

    Next of all, my mates, 'The Boys'! Some of the best friends I have made are The guys i've met in the last 2 and a half years, i enjoy watching them progress, achieve their goals, and hear of all the dumb shit they do in greens after midnight. A special mention must go to Ty, one of the nicest guys i've known, he's progressed in leaps and bounds in the last 12 month, he always has a smile on his face and is great to work with, he puts in time and effort and deserves everything he achieves.

    Overall, we all have different goals, I dont have my own highlight reel, I intend to push as far and hard as i can, and see where it takes me, that is my goal. Working with you all is inspiring, whether it seems it or not, know that I appreciate your effort. If your a new member of Crossfit MSD take the time to meet some of the people, learn what their purpose is and why they are here? Hopefully you can gain as many friends as I have. Remember we were once all the same, the only thing that makes us different is the effort we put in!

  5. Sjon (Snoop) says:

    More of a past 18 months then past year, but since joining cross fit msd I have grown greatly as a person, firstly as an athlete I have done things I never thought I would be capable of. Along with being able to have the opportunity to begin coaching is awesome.

    Also I have made all of my now closest mates from the box. Along with meeting my beautiful girl friend Jackie.

    Lastly a huge shout out to all the people that have started on the past year, the effort you have all put in whether you’re going for orange bands pull ups or your first muscle up is awesome.

    Hope to see you all next year and I am sure 2014 will be the best yet.

  6. Jackie says:

    Well I haven’t been around for more than 9 months yet, but in this time it’s been a great journey.

    I have to thank Nik for being awesome. It’s great having someone to look up to and chase in training.
    It’s been great to see Steph hastily climbing the strength ranks, and just as importantly it’s awesome seeing people who just want to keep healthy (i.e. Gina, Tony, Joc and many others) who give it 100% for the love of it. Lastly, to little bro Jake Lukas Stag Saward you’re an absolute machine built for this stuff. A lucky boy in this sense but also dedicated and determined. A lethal combination, you’ll do so well 🙂

    For myself I acknowledge Crossfit and strength training as something that suits me on a physical level. Ballet and netball never really felt quite right 😛 Increasing in strength and hitting some good numbers in under a year makes me appreciate what we are all capable of and I’m excited to test this further in the coming year.

    Thanks Maso for being endlessly dedicated to your athletes no matter what. G also as both a coach and someone who loves a chat haha. And thanks Maso for your dating service. Not only have I found an awesome way of life at crossfit but I met Sjon, who helps me most days with encouragement and discussion about training.

    2014 is a gap year for me and even though I’ll be busy I hope to train more seriously and concentrate on improvement in all areas.

    Thank you to the whole crew and all the new friends 🙂

  7. Mitch says:

    Hasn't quite been a year for me but it's been a life changing 11 months.

    The inspiring  moment  I've witnessed this year is  the way Lucy managed and recovered from breaking her wrist. It didn't seem to slow her down at all, continued to turn up day after day, and before long was doing cleans again and killing WOD's again. 

    It's also inspiring just being at CrossFit MSD seeing everyone with all different backgrounds and different goals, getting in and giving it a red hot go even if they are sore or tired from previous days training.

    I've had a year full of ups and downs, struggling with injuries and the depression that comes with that, not being able to attend as much as I would have liked got me down a bit also. But I have achieved a lot and learnt so much also thanks to Maso and G. Thanks to everyone at the box for your support and encouragement without it I wouldn't have achieved what I have so far.

    Looking forward to smashing goals with you all again next year!

  8. Sonia says:

    I have only been doing Crossfit for 3 months and I can really feel my strength building every week!  I would like to thank my son Zack for encouraging me to get fit over the past 2 years, motivating me to 'just do it' and for allowing his mother to tag along with him each morning to the gym.

    I look forward to Crossfit each morning because everyone has made me feel so welcome.  Thanks for being great coaches Mason and G and for being so patient when I forget how to do things or muck up the program!

    I'm looking forward to 2014 at Crossfit :0)


  9. Lucy says:

    The past year has been pretty crazy thats for sure. as most of you know I had a small set back breaking my wrist in may I spent the following 6 weeks in plaster continuing to train every single day doing copious amounts of squats sled pulls lunges and whatever else maso could come up with! To think that 6 months ago I was back to the basics learning to do a pull up again as to where I am now I owe it all to the great coaches at msd maso and g thanks for continually kicking my ass into gear when I wanted to quit so bad all the support and encouragement you guys give not only to me but anyone in that situation! I also owe it to the awesome athletes who pushed me day in and day out!
    Its awesome to see how far people have come and to see everyone crushing it and getting better and better! Its a wicked environment to be apart of bring on 2014 and whatever it throws our way!!!

  10. Kristy says:

    Thank you to my beautiful friend Gina for introducing me to the Crossfit MSD crew.  I knew when Gina was sold on a form of exercise that it had to be pretty damn awesome and I wasn't wrong.  Thanks to all the encouraging and supportive people I now work out with I am looking after myself both physically and nutritionally like never before.  As a busy working, studying mother of 3 children I am grateful that I found an outlet that is good for my health and helps me fit into clothes I previously could not – bonus!!!

    I am inspired every day by the amazing fitness levels of those around me and how you all keep working hard to reach new goals.  I can't wait until my sons are a little bit older and they can join me in a workout at the box!

  11. Bekah says:

    I don’t even know where to start. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year with MSD. Which means it’s almost a year since I moved back to Tassie. MSD made the move back so much easier, as the people at the box became like a second family and the closest friends I could ask for!

    When starting Crossfit I was still recovering from major ligament damage in my ankle, which made squatting below parallel almost impossible. I can’t say it has been a quick fix, but slowly and steadily with some great coaching from Maso & G my mobility is getting better and I’m finally able to do things i couldn’t before.
    I’d also like to thank Michelle for kicking my arse when I got slack. I will always remember the transition off the band for pullups, with Michelle’s firm warning ‘if i ever see you using a band again, my size 10 foot will kick you arse’
    Haven’t used a band since… Will miss you when you leave, You’re one of the strongest, most amazing people I know, willing to give your time and effort to everyone else, despite being so crazy busy plus the three kids. You’re an absolute inspiration. Love u girl (no that’s not a tear, my eyes are just leaking).

    My biggest highlight is when i finally hit a full depth over head squat… It’s that one thing that was (and still is) just so difficult because of my poor mobility… ‘concrete joints’.

    2014 is going to be a good year, my life is finally at a place where I can just sit back and enjoy what it has to offer, and I’m so lucky that I can do it surrounded by some brilliant people.

  12. kel says:

    Best get in before next year 🙂 this past year or two has been the hardest, yet some of the best, i have been with crossfitMSD about 8 months and its the best thing I have ever done, after having an operation in March I found it quite difficult to get motivated to do anything all I wanted to do was to stay in bed and sleep, thanks to my sister nikki for making me attend the free trial class in June I made the choice to attend the next mornings 6.30 class and I haven’t looked back, not only did nik get me into crossfit she has been my biggest supporter and motivator, I’m thankful for that and for making me a better person physically and mentally by allowing exercise and healthy eating into my lifestyle also like to thank mason for making it easier for me and make me so welcome into an environment I didn’t think I would be comfortable in not only guiding me into being a better athlete but also being a friend and a supporter to be the best person you can be also thanks to G, sjon for helping me along the way! I have made great friends at the box and best no one judges you which has made it all the more fun and enjoyable training sessions thanks to all that have pushed me on when I’ve felt like giving up!! Would like to wish each and everyone of you a happy and safe new year see you all in 2014 🙂