CrossFit 42 South

Open WOD 14.5: Saturday the 29th March 2014

This is it. The very last Open WOD for the year. Be sure to go as hard as you can, leave no doubt, have fun and give plenty of high fives. We are all going to hurt together on this one and we are all going to do EVERY SINGLE REP. We will all do the same amount of work. No AMRAP. So please, support everyone, give those high fives and when you are done, drink a beer and enjoy… 

We are having a BBQ after we finish tomorrow morning for those who would like to stick around.. 

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of:

Thrusters 43/30kg

Bar facing burpees


Pease make sure you watch the movement standards video as well



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