CrossFit 42 South

Open box: Saturday the 28th June 2014

We are thinking about adding a class to the Saturday morning, especially for those newer members who may not be showing up on Satrudays becuase they are unsure what they will do during Open box time. 

If you are interested in a class please let me know via the comments section. 

Open box 10am


Warm up/conditioning

EMOM for 12 min

Odd – 5 behind the neck push press + 5 OHS (moderate)

Even – row 15/10cals (moderate – tough)

*Slowly add some weight to the bar work. Shouldn’t ever be difficult. Each effort on the rower gets faster and faster.



A) Take 15min to build to a max snatch


B) Take 15min to build to a max clean and push jerk



4xME strict HSPU – rest :40


Then if you feel good maybe go for a jog



2 Responses to “Open box: Saturday the 28th June 2014”

  1. Blaze says:

    I may come sometimes, depends on the weekend and what's happening

  2. Ty says:

    Maybe schedule class and then athletes that would like that structure can do and those that would like to work on skills can.