CrossFit 42 South

Open Box: Saturday the 26th April 2014

Open box at 10am

Catch up WOD or…. (This is a must for comp athletes if you can make it please)


Back squat 8×3 @ 80%



Snatch build up to a heavy single

*No more then 3 misses


Clean and jerk up to a heavy single

*No more then 3 misses


Start at 50% on both lifts and build in 2.5-5kg jumps.  Just try get some good heavy sets in



6 rounds for time and total reps of:

Row 500m

ME strict pull ups + ME kipping c2b pull ups


*Try to maintain the fastest pace possible on the row without your pacing dropping of to much. Think your 2km pace.


One of the coolest pics I've seen on the interwebs…. 



2 Responses to “Open Box: Saturday the 26th April 2014”

  1. Snarey says:

    BS 122.5kg

    was in a hurry couldn't do anything else but squats felt much good was pumped as fuark probably woulda snatched a 100 and C&J 150 lol 

  2. Snoop diggity doggity says:

    Bs 8×3 at 140kg

    Snatched 85kg

    Clean and jerked 105kg

    Felt good squatting, felt very tired after it.