CrossFit 42 South

Open Box: Saturday the 12th April 2014

Open box at 10am. Come along and do a catch up WOD, work on extra skills etc… 

Shout out to Meg, who deadlifted 100kg this morning. What a bad ass dude. You have been training with us for a while now but the last 4 months or so you have been training really REALLY awesome. You're there most days and this is what happens. 

I wanted a video but she got scared and didn't pull it. I turn away for a second and the bar is coming off the floor like it had foam weights on it. Well done dude. BAD ASS









For those who don't know meg this is her on the left doing an awesome job on 14.5. Keep in mind she kept telling me that she hates thrusters and she can't do them well blah blah lol. She done awesome. 

Be sure to keep this training up. Very proud. 



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