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Newsletter October 2014

Coaches’ corner

I want to talk about how awesome the CrossFit MSD athletes and community is….

On the 4th of October 2014, we had 14 athletes head down to Hobart to compete in the CrossFit Works Throwdown. All these athletes did an amazing job and all should be very proud of their efforts.

Along with these 14 awesome athletes we had LOTS of people head down just to support and cheer our guys on. I thought this was amazing and shows what a great community we have at the box.

At the end of the comp there was an Affiliate final where the top 2 male and female from each affiliate competed in a team final. The final WOD was awesome to watch and our team came first by a fair margin. They should be very proud of their efforts as I know I am and all the people who were watching as well.


Attendance report

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Members in the spotlight


Rhani Wade

Moved back from Melbourne end of July and has come to training most days since. He had 100% attendance in September and it shows as he is improving each and every day. He is getting stronger and doing more wods rxd.



When and why you started CrossFit?

I have been doing CrossFit at MSD since the 22 July this year, a little over 2 months. I had my first taste at Melbourne Crossfit where I had been going for a year, with an 8-month break before starting at MSD. I decided to get back into Crossfit as I found when I completed Crossfit in Melb that my flexibility and strength had improved dramatically, with great improvement to my posture as the right muscle groups were activated in the workouts and so wanted to continue improving



Favorite achievement at CrossFit?


Biggest improvement – 5 Rep Deadlifts have gone from 110kg to 150kg in just a couple of months.

One of the things that I love about MSD is the WOD programing, as it has allowed me to see that I have been gaining strength and making progress over the last couple of months. In comparing this with CrossFit Melbourne it seemed a lot more infrequent that we completed the same WOD or movement and so it was hard to tell how much progress I had been making. So big thumbs up for Mason’s thinking around the WOD’s!

I have also been tracking my workouts using the app ‘myWOD’ –which I highly recommend. The app tracks your progress and at a glance you can see how much you have improved – this is really motivating as I feel as though I am getting somewhere. It has kept me turning up each day (as a side note: I have not felt sore or a lot less sore coming 5 days a week than coming every second or third day).


Goals you are currently working on?

My 1 year goal is to double the weight in my strength movements. So for deadlifts I would like to get to 5rm 220kg.  

I am also working on my mobility. A lot of the movements I cannot do well due to inflexibility. So the main flexibility goals are – to squat easily, shoulder movement so that I can kip, and to be able to touch my toes!


When you’re not at CrossFit who are you? (family, hobbies etc)

Currently I am enjoying spending a lot of my time researching and reading lots of books mainly on business models, marketing, psychology and philosophy.

Love great coffee, unique and interesting flavoured foods and beverages. My favourite food at the moment is Cambodian and the drink of choice is Gillespie’s Alcoholic Ginger beer.


Mick Maine

Mick is a new CFMSD member. He has been training with us for 6weeks. In this time he has showed up pretty much everyday and has made some serious gains. You can generally find him in the 4:30pm class making 130kg squats look like air.


When and why you started CrossFit??

Started CrossFit approximately 6weeks ago, was looking to improve my strength and general fitness but it also had to be enjoyable.

Favorite achievement at CrossFit? ?

"LEGS" Improved leg strength has been awesome. The focus on improving flexibility has also been a big help, along with just being active again.



Goals you are currently working on??

Still only being new to CrossFit I have not set any goals around this yet, but overall fitness improvement is definitely high on my priorities.

When you’re not at CrossFit? (family, hobbies etc)


Wife Bec

Boxer Wilfred


Track Cycing & Woodchopping



Maso’s little blog

When should you use a weightlifting belt?

In my own personal opinion, belts get used too much. You should not need to use your belt during warm up sets, pressing or even most WODs. By over using the belt you aren’t allowing for your midline strength to build up. So if you wear one to protect your back, that’s fine but maybe you need to build up enough strength to protect your back rather then relying on a belt to do the work for you.

When should you use your belt? I suggest using it on that heavy 1rm day or if you have been recovering from an injury (even then, don’t become dependent on it). Now, there are people at the gym who use belts all the time and I’m not having a dig at them. There are people who use them regularly but will also regularly not use a belt to train their midline.

I suggest this, if you can’t squat your body weight for 7-10 reps comfortably then you shouldn’t use a belt. You would benefit from using lighter weights and allowing your midline to build in strength. If you can’t deadlift 1.5x body weight for at least 5 reps then I’d suggest not using a belt for the same reason. Just use the belt on that day when you are maxing out and want to hit a new PB possibly.

Lastly, a lot of people who are a lot stronger than I am suggest doing periods of training without a belt. Why? Well, like I said, to help them get stronger in their midline. Most people will fail heavy squats or deadlifts due to weak midline strength.

So, if you meet the standards I said above, feel free to use your belt, just don’t always become dependent on it. If you don’t meet the standards above, pack your belt up until you are strong enough or for that HEAVY day or for when you back feels a little niggly.


Mobility movement of the month


Kelly Staret Mobility WOD on how to fix a tweaked back. Watch, learn and then give it a go. If you have a funky back and it’s been funky for a while this could be your fix. Give it a go.



Lisa found this recipe. It’s not “paleo” but it’s healthy enough and tastes yum. Give it a crack.


I want to let those who want help with their nutrition know that I am happy to help you out at no extra cost. It’s part of your membership fees you already pay. If you would like to get started with making your nutrition better for you and your goals just contact me.



News and events

For all news and events, look to the right hand side of the page.


There is a partner comp at CrossFit Levitate coming up and also a Strongman WOD at CrossFit Resonate that are both happening in November.


Also, most importantly we will have a date very soon sometime in December for the CFMSD Christmas party. This will be a good opportunity to have some fun, have a drink and get to know other members from other classes.


Products at the gym

We have some T-shirts and singlets for sale at the box.


Our fish juice and Naked Co Whey will be back in stock shortly. There is 2 bags left of the Naked Co whey protein. Get them before they leave. 



If anyone has any feedback, good and bad, please let us know. This is your gym and we are always trying to make it a better place for you to train. Let us know if you are happy, unhappy, what’s good, what needs to change etc.