CrossFit 42 South

November 2014 Newsletter

Coaches’ corner

Another month has passed by and we are that much closer to finishing the year off. Can’t believe it has gone by so quick.

We now have a 7am class on Saturday morning followed by open gym from 8-9am. Get around them.

During our testing week I saw so many PBs. This is amazing. It shows that you have put the work in to improve and get to where you are. Everyone amazes me on a day-to-day basis and makes my work so enjoyable. Keep being badass and keep improving.

Also, just want to mention that if anyone ever needs to catch up to talk about their diet, training, goals or just to get a kick up the butt to get motivated again then please just ask. I’m happy to organize a time either during one of your training sessions or in a separate appointment if it means keeping you happy, motivated and achieving your goals. This is at no extra cost.

Lastly, November will be known as Movember. A month where the men at CrossFit MSD grow some seedy as moustaches lol. Be sure to comment on how good we look and please donate money to the CrossFit MSD team HERE 


Attendance report

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Members in the spotlight

Dylan Atkinson


You may know this dude as the clown of CrossFit MSD. He is always carrying on but he means well lol.

In all seriousness, the last month or so he has really pulled his finger out. Giving a little more in each WOD on a daily basis and even doing extra work before and after without having to be told. He has been training with us for a little over 2 years and this is the best I’ve started to see him. A little bit of extra effort goes a long way and this is what he is doing. Keep it up buddy.


When and why you started CrossFit?

Been coming to crossfit for a bit over 2 years, originally started coming for extra fitness for football and my older brother Tyson trained here.


Favourite achievement at CrossFit?

Don’t really have a favourite achievement probably smashing all Tyson’s PBs.


Goals you are currently working on?

My goal at the moment is making a full recovery from my knee then start hitting the comp wods.


When you’re not at CrossFit who are you? (family, hobbies etc)

When I’m not at the box being a badass I’m not at the box being a badass… I’m a qualified builder of the day and I’m batman at night but mostly I’m just trying not to piss Kalani off too much. Crossfit is my hobby really. I enjoy long romantic walks along the beach with Maso.


Lucy Clark

Lucy has been a member at CrossFit MSD even before it was CrossFit MSD. In this time she has improved in leaps and bounds. For as long as she has been training with us I can’t remember a week where she didn’t show up at least 4 times (even when she broke her wrist) and this is why that she has turned into a bad ass athlete.

Keep going hard mate, we are all proud of your effort you put in every day.


When and why you started CrossFit??

So I've been doing Crossfit for about 3 years now, joined up just as Mason started to change over from boot camp style workouts to Crossfit, its been such an awesome experience being able to watch his business grow so much and to be part of the awesome group for such a long time. I guess I started for the same reasons as most, to loose weight and get fit. My views have definitely changed on what health is now thanks to Mason and Crossfit!!!

Favourite achievement at CrossFit? ?

There are so many things that I could list here but I don't want to bore everyone too much, so I guess biggest achievement, (probably not my favourite) but for sure the biggest would have to be 'the come back' after breaking my wrist. For those that don't know I broke my wrist in May 2013, it was pretty nasty, it put me outta action for 6 weeks while I was in plaster and another 3-4 weeks after that I still wasn't able to lift heavy! During this time I still showed up to Crossfit nearly everyday and Mason programmed according to what I could do that meant a hell of a lot of squatting!  What regular gym would do that for you?? When the plaster came off it was like going back to my first weeks doing Crossfit, back to banded pull-ups and all! I guess the achievement is being where I am today stronger and fitter in a little over 12 months!

Goals you are currently working on??

So many goals I want to achieve in Crossfit but mainly just keep getting stronger, fitter and healthier. I’m aiming towards strict handstand push-ups and becoming more efficient at those harder movements like muscle ups and pistols and adding some kg to some lifts! I also wanna crush my placing in the open next year (2015) and preform better in the local comps! Hopefully in the next 12months ill get the chance to do my level 1 cert in Crossfit, mainly for my own benefit!


When you’re not at CrossFit? (family, hobbies etc)

When I’m not at Crossfit its safe to say I’m probably not doing a lot haha! I’m a Registered Nurse by trade and work in Emergency at Burnie, so if I’m not training I’m saving lives haha! Time spent outta work and Crossfit is spent playing with my big ass rottie Ace at the park, relaxing with friends, and spending time with my partner and family. Anything outdoors, sunshine and sleep!! Peace out.


Maso’s little blog

Sometimes people struggle to realize how much they are improving. Making progress in the gym goes well beyond hitting PBs or not. An e.g of this is myself. I sometimes feel I’m not improving because my strength numbers haven’t moved in over a year. Then I remember that my personal goal is to make regionals and I’m strong enough, I need to get better at gymnastic type movements and build a bigger engine. That has been my main focus but I get all down in the dumps and get “crossfit depression” like everyone else. Then the other week I was looking through my book and found a toes 2 bar WOD I did in March, I decided I’d see how close to that time I could come one afternoon (after doing 3 WODs prior) and I shaved 1:40. WOW. I improved a heap but had I not looked back through my book I may never have known. That little win has given me massive confidence and has allowed me to keep moving forward and progressing.

The moral of this story is that you don’t have to improve on a 1rm or a bench mark WOD to know you have improved. You need to acknowledge your little wins and fill yourself with confidence. When you get yourself down you create stress and stress will 100% bugger up your performance.



Mobility movement of the month

No specific mobility movement of the month but I want to set a challenge for you all. Spend 5-10min a day in the bottom of a squat. Hold onto an object to counter balance if needed. You will experience less back pain and niggles as well as a better squat, which makes you a better human being.

Try this for 30 days and see what happens. Focus on good position though.




A candy bar for max muscle by Barbell Daily

This recipe looks amazing and doesn’t have to be for those looking to get “max muscle”. This can also be a healthier treat food alternative. As long as you don’t over eat it that is.

Give this recipe and go and let me know. I’ll be making it myself very soon and I bet it is amazing.



News and events

Partner comp is coming up which is at CrossFit Levitate in Launy on the 15th November. Get around and cheer for those who are competing.

End of Movember post WOD beers at the box Friday the 28th. This will just be kept casual and a bit of fun and will aim to wrap not too late.

CrossFit MSD Christmas party is on Saturday the 6th December. Save the date. Will be good to get as many of the crew together. Everyone welcome. Partners more than welcome.



Products at the gym

We are fully stoked on the Naked Co Whey Protein. Lots of cinnamon for those who have been asking. $63.


We also have Naked Co Protein Bars. These things are LEGIT. $4.50 or buy a box of 10 for $40


Fish Juice is on the way. Expected 13-14th November


Lots of female small and medium shirts.




If anyone has any feedback, good and bad, please let us know. This is your gym and we are always trying to make it a better place for you to train. Let us know if you are happy, unhappy, what’s good, what needs to change etc.