CrossFit 42 South

Newsletter July 2014

Coaches’ corner

*This will be where we talk about our general thoughts for the month

So, this is the first CFMSD newsletter. This issue may not have as much info as it should, but I’m very new to this and each issue will get better, I can promise you that.

So far it’s been an awesome year. We are over the halfway point, can’t believe how fast it’s gone. We have gained many new members in 2014 and have plenty of members who have been around before 2014. With all the new faces coming into the gym, please go out of your way to introduce yourself to them. To all the new members, welcome to CFMSD and don’t be afraid to talk to the other members. No one will bite.

If you have any injuries or any reason why you can’t do certain exercises please let us know. We will do our best to help you out to fix the problem and there will always be something else that you can do. I want to give a special shout out to Josh Blaze who trains in the 5:30am class. 3 months ago he hurt his knee and it turns out that there is a tear in there. In the last 3 months, his attendance would be darn close to 100% minus the 1 day he missed when he went to Melbourne for a weekend. He can still use his arms and has made massive gains in that time. Some days it’s tricky working out what he can and can’t do, but he shows up every single day, gives 100% on what he can do and then gets on with his day. So, if he can manage to show up everyday with a limiting injury, so can you. There should be no excuse to skip training.


Members in the spotlight

*Every month we will put a few members in the spotlight to recognize the efforts they have been putting in. This is very hard to do, as everyone is a badass.


Lyn Horton

Lyn has been training with us since March 2013. I remember when she started I though that she wouldn't stick around. How wrong was I… Lyn has become a bad ass and has put so much effort into her training. I'm so proud of her and all the things she has achieved. 

Lyn can now do pull ups without a band, toes 2 bar, handstands, squat to depth, overhead squats to depth (sometimes lol) and her times in WODs are on par with the other members half her age. You are a rock start due. Keep training hard. 














Sophie Cobbing

This picture speaks for itself. I don't need any words. What a change in just 3 months. You have put in an amazing effort and are reaping the reward. Well done……















Maso’s little blog

*I’m not the best with putting words to paper as most of you know, but I’m going to try writing a little blog here every month. Just random topics from training, nutrition, mindset and even the finer things in life like Nutella!

The importance of the “high five”

Boys and girls, be sure to give someone a high five every single session. Go out of your way to high five those you normally don't. The high five is the most powerful gesture you can give someone. It gives people a sense of accomplishment, makes them feel acknowledged, can give them a warm happy feeling and is highly motivating. The best sporting teams in the world all give high fives, bum slaps (use with caution), chest bumps etc. We are a team, get around everyone. It will help increase the the comradire in the gym as well. 

Don't be a snob. If someone PBs, give them a high five and make a big deal about it. You would appreciate it if someone did the same for you. After a WOD, get around everyone and even just for the sake of it. 



Mobility movement of the month

This mobility drill was stolen from Chad Mackay. I saw this on Instagram and thought I should try it. All I can say is WOW. This drill is amazing. With someone with a shoulder injury (or past injury now) this has made going overhead so much easier. I set a goal to be able to do reps of an OHS with a 24kg kettlebell in each hand. To some, this may not sound like much, but to me it’s a massive deal. I’ve never been able to do this pain free and with all the stability work I do plus some mobility I’m getting close.


Anyway, this drill isn’t the fix to my shoulder problems as I only came across this not too long ago, but it has made a massive difference already and I know it will give those who struggle to go overhead a little more room to move (pain free).



As a simple guide follow the following

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 9.19.19 am




















Member achievements

Tom- since starting with us he has made massive gainz on his strength and this morning he was repping out the 24kg KB. I've never seen him do this before so I was stoked. The dedication this boy shows is amazing. He's barley missed any training sessions. 


Blaze- training through a knee injury and showing up pretty much every single day in the last 3 months. He also pressed a 10kg PB. 


Lucy- She can now link muscle ups. She has been smashing muscle ups in WODs and even tough WODs. She has put in so much time and effort into getting these and now she can do them, well done dude


Elyse- Had 100% attendence in May and has turned herself into a STRONG girl. Her friends say to her that she shouldn't do it blah blah blah. They are just jelous. You are doing so well. 


Dylan- I think dylan has flown under the radar the last few months. He has also been dealing with dicky knees but in this time he also showed up most days. He can now do 1,000,000 toes 2 bar in 1 set and today I saw him do 3×5 squats at 92.5kg. This may not sound like much compared to what he was doing but his squat form is WAY better and I thought he was moving the weight easy. Well done man.. 


COACHES- Just a thank you to all my awesome coaches. Love you xoxox


Joc- For being awesome and keeping my gym clean. I really appreciate what you do. 


News and events

Friday the 11th of July weightlifting session with Mark Brown from the Launy PCYC

$25 per person.

Classes at 4:30-5:30pm (beginners)

5:30-7pm (intermediate)

If you are unsure, maybe come to the first class and stick around to ask questions and watch others lift.


We may also have Jon North from Attitude Nation in the US come to Burnie for an Attitude Nation seminar in September. If this goes through, this is an amazing chance to learn about weightlifting from one of the best lifters in the US.

If you don’t know who he is, search him, find him on YouTube HERE, check his blog HERE and watch this interview with the Barbell Shrugged guys HERE.


Products at the gym

Remember that we stock fish oils in the fridge. There will be more fish oils coming in soon. If you would like to order one before they go again, just let me know.


We may also be getting in a cool new protein powder from The Naked Co. These guys are Tasmanian and the guy who is the creator is a client at CrossFit 42s in Hobart. It’s an awesome quality protein with no nasty bits at all. I’ve had some samples and was really impressed, especially with the cinnamon one. The cost will be $60 a kilo. Keep your eyes out for this amazing product.


With all the products that we do sell or will try to sell at the gym, know that these are products that I would be using personally and believe in. We will only ever recommend products that fit our message as a business and something that I’m happy with. It isn’t just about making more money. We want to provide you guys with the best stuff in the one location. If we just wanted to make money we would be selling fat loss pills and all sorts of other garbage that people buy but we don’t believe in.



If anyone has any feedback, good and bad, please let us know. This is your gym and we are always trying to make it a better place for you to train. Let us know if you are happy, unhappy, what’s good, what needs to change etc.

Also any feedback on this newsletter please………. I want to make this as bad ass as possible and it's aimed for the members so you tell me what you guys want to see more or less of. 


Australia is awesome!