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MSD clothing order – Orders in by Wednesday 18th April 7pm

Thank you for wanting to represent our latest MSD clothing. We really appreciate your support to MSD and the community.

All orders must be in by Wednesday the 18th April otherwise you run the risk of missing out.

To order your MSD clothing, please comment what you would like to order in the comments section in the following format:


-what you would like, quantity and sizes

-How would you like to pay? (debit your MSD account, paying cash, or for non-members, leave a mobile number so we can contact you to arrange payment)

*Note that the preferred method is debiting your MSD account as this is much easier and we will do this on or after the 19/04/2018 

*for non-members, we will contact you to arrange payment

*Also note that there will be some spares, but to make sure you don’t miss out, get onto this now. We won’t be doing another clothing run until next year. So think that before you know it, summer will be here and you’ll wish you had got a muscle tank too 🙂

*Lastly note to allow 4 weeks after the close of ordering. 

MSD pull over hoodie -unisex $65

MSD zip up jacket -unisex $65

MSD Tee (mens and ladies) $40

MSD muscle tank -unisex $40








MSD ladies razor back tank $40

Sizing charts

24 Responses to “MSD clothing order – Orders in by Wednesday 18th April 7pm”

  1. Jarrod says:

    1x large muscle tank please mate

  2. Kira says:

    1x unisex pullover hoodie XS,
    2x muscle tank (1 XL, 1 XS)
    1x men’s tshirt XL
    Thanks! Oh and just debit my account ?
    For kira 🙂

  3. Alison says:

    1 x unisex pullover hoodie L,
    1 x unisex zip hoodie S,
    1 x unisex muscle tank M,
    1 x raserback tank S,
    Debit account please
    Ali ?

  4. Luke Groves says:

    1 x unisex pullover hoodie, M
    1 x unisex muscle tank, M
    1x Mens shirt, M
    Debit account.

  5. Megan Dick says:

    1 x unisex pullover hoodie L
    1 x racerback tank L
    1 x women’s t-shirt 16
    Use my credit card, thanks

  6. Shelby Glidden says:

    1x Pullover hoodie size XS

    Debt my account please
    Thank you

  7. Kyone says:

    1 x unisex pullover hoodie xs
    1 x womens t-shirt 12
    1 x muscle tank xs
    Debt my account please

  8. Jack Harman says:

    1x Medium pullover hoodie
    1x Medium mens t-shirt
    Debit Account please

  9. Kristen Bracken says:

    Zip Up Jacket x 1, Large
    Men’s T Shirt x1, Large
    Debit my MSD Account please.

  10. Lucy says:

    1x zip hoodie s
    1x racerback size 10

  11. Michael Foster says:

    1x large jacket
    1x medium jacket
    1x small jacket
    1x xl jacket

    Allisha is transfering money to you now 🙂

  12. Bronwen Hart says:

    Could I please get a ladie razor back tank size 14. Cash ?

  13. Kevin Doherty says:

    1 large pullover 1 medium muscle tank will pay you cash

  14. Lyn says:

    1 zip hoodie S
    1 ladies racerback size 12
    Thanks will bring in cash

  15. Kevin Doherty says:

    also 1 large T.shirt

  16. Paul Smyth says:

    Zip jacket 3XL
    T-Shirt 2XL
    Will pay cash

  17. Kellie Morse says:

    1x zip hoodie Sz M thanks
    Debit account ??

  18. Karen Smith says:

    x1 XS Zip Up Hoodie
    Charge to my account

  19. Tegan Kirkpatrick says:

    1x zip hoodie M
    1x racerback size 10
    1x pullover hoodie S
    1x muscle tank XS
    Debit Please

  20. Emilie Dellar says:

    1 x large pullover hoodie
    1 x small pullover hoodie
    Direct debit please

  21. Elyse Hatchard says:

    1x Ladies Razor back size 12
    Debit my account.

  22. Sam T says:

    1x Muscle Tank size M

  23. Chloe langmaid says:

    1x MSD muscle tank unisex size S

    Will bring in cash, thank you!

  24. Leane says:

    Can you please order me a SML & 2XL pullover hoodie and 10 ladies Tshirt
    Please debit my Credit card on file