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W/up: Warm-up (No Measure)

Quick general movement flow to start

then 1x through

400-500m row

10-15 walking lunge steps

10-15 push ups

10-15 ring rows

10-15 russian KB swings

then into back squat

A: Back Squat (9-6-3)

Keep progressing here guys.

Goal weight would be to start heavier than last weeks 9 and increase last weeks 6’s if you can then 3 rep heaviest for the day.

Form will always trump weight though. More weight isn’t cool if your form is off. Don’t be scared to check your ego. But go for it if form allows.

A: Back Squat (9-6-3)

A: Back Squat (9-6-3)

B: Bench Press (Find 5rm for the day @11X1)

This means the heaviest weight you can for a single set of 5reps. Take a few warm up sets doing 2-3 reps building to what you would like to hit.

Notice the tempo? This pretty much means a controlled lower, slight pause then press.

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