CrossFit 42 South

Monday the 8th April 2013


Back Squat 1rm




3 rounds for time of:

400m run

21 KB swings 24/16kg

12 pull ups

Now the open has come to an end it's time to reflect and work on areas you can improve on ready for next year. Firstly I'm very proud of every single person who registered for the open. It was a great 5 weeks, we saw a lot of people do things they have never done before and push harder and well beyond their limits. Congrats to al at CFMSD 🙂

Now this week we will be doing a testing/deload week. Most of you guys have been going so hard for so long and it's time to have a back of week to recover. 

Starting from next week there will be a strength program put into place for those athletes wanting to take the next step in becoming a better athlete. Yes, met cons are important but strength training is the cornerstone to becoming a better CrossFitter. Looking back on the open WODs from this year there was some loading that was heavy for a lot of people and these weights for top CrossFitters are considered "light". So if you're wanting to get to the next level getting stronger is very important. 




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