CrossFit 42 South

Monday the 29th July 2013


Those athletes who have completed smolov well done. It has been a tough cycle and now we need to back of a bit. You will follow the programming up until Wednesday then you will rest on Thursday and Friday. This will ensure you are ready to test for a new 1rm on Saturday. If you are unable to come in on Saturday or would rather do it on Friday then you are welcome to do so.

If you are testing on Friday do the 1rm before the conditioning. If you are testing on Saturday do Fridays workout after maxing out.

You must still show up on Thursday and Friday to get in some skill work, active recovery work and mobility. You will not do it at home and you don’t want to let the cob webs build up.


Now to those who aren’t doing smolov. You guys have been awesome as well. I have seen everyone (who shows up) progress in leaps and bounds. You should all be very proud of what you have done.


All in all I’m a very proud coach. Thanks crew



Back Squat


*Heavier then last time (those athletes who have done smolov do not do this today)



12minute AMRAP of:

12 pull ups

9 hang power snatch 40/30kg


Additional Work

Snatch 1rm





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