CrossFit 42 South

Monday the 28/09/2015


Friday the 2nd October the box is closed for Burnie show. Open Saturday morning as normal.

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Weekly training


(No Measure)

Today is all about squatting. So we are going to get some group mobility in to prep for the squat.

2 times through

:30 ankle flexion

:30 Lizard

:30 dragon

:30 broomstick shoulder external rotation

10 PERFECT wall squats


A: Front Squat (1rm in 10min)

B: Back Squat (1rm in 10min)


Metcon (Time)

200 air squats

EMOM complete 10 burpees until you’ve completed all the squats.

Workout starts with burpees.

*Scale #1

150 air squats

5 burpees EMOM

*Scale #2

100 air squats

3 burpees

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