CrossFit 42 South

Monday the 25th November 2013


Pause back squats (3secs at bottom)

3×5 @ 70% of last weeks 1rm



800m run

30 C2B pull ups*

400m run

20 C2B pull ups*

200m Run

10 C2b Pull ups*

*If you break on the C2B pull ups do 10 jumping squats before resuming from where you left off



Additional work

(A) 5×2 low hang snatch (2” of the floor)

*You’ll pick up the bar 2” of the floor, pause for a moment then snatch. Drop and re set if you wish, but quick re set


(B) Tempo Pendlay row


*Fast up, 3 secs pause on chest, 3 sec lower with perfect form, no hitching.

Massive thanks to all those who voted for CFMSD…. The dinner is this Saturday and I'm so stoked to be going for the second year in a row thanks to all your awesomely awesome bad asses 🙂



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