CrossFit 42 South

Monday the 22nd July 2013


Back squat 3×5

*Heavier then last week



15minute AMRAP of:

3 snatches 60/40kg

3 pull ups

6 snatches 60/40kg

6 pull ups

9 snatches 60/40kg

9 pull ups


Keep going up in 3s through out this workout. Score will be the total amount of reps completed.

Also these are SNATCHES not power snatches. If you are unable to snatch you can power snatch into an ohs.


Additional Work

This will be the last week of what has been a brutal squatting cycle. Next week we will deload and then test on the Friday.


Smolov week 3 day 1 (instead of 3×5)

3×9 @ 77.5%

Some ideas that may help releive some back tightness you may get… 



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