CrossFit 42 South

Monday the 18th November 2013

Reminder that there will be a Free Trial class on tonight at 5.30pm. I would really appreciate it if you all could try train at an earlier time either in the AM or an early PM session. Train at 5.30pm if you HAVE to. Don't train at 5.30pm because you want to see all the new people. Let them have their space. By all means, come down and support everyone if you wish just try to give these newbies some space please. 


(A) 1rm pause back squat

*5secs at the absolute bottom position then explode up


(B) Press 3×5

*Heavier then last week



75 pull ups for time

*Every min on the min starting on the first min do 10 burpees


Additional work

5×1 3 position snatch (floor, knee, hip)

*Try use last weeks max for all 5 sets


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