CrossFit 42 South

Monday the 14th January 2013

At the weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to Tyson's wedding.. Most of you know Tyson, he is one of our longest training clients. Has been with us since the PCYC and has really come a long way. He has now moved to Hobart with is wife and is doing very well down there. Anyway here he is on is special day. Very proud to have been a part of this



back squats 


note – heavier then last weeks



For time complete the following:

30 back squats 40/30kg

20 Lateral over the bar burpees

20 back squats 40/30kg

10 lateral over the bar burpees

10 back squats 40/30


5 lateral over the bar burpees

Log results online (beyond the whiteboard)



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