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W/WUP: Warm-up (No Measure)

Partner warm up:

One person bear crawls (imagine having a bucket of water on your back don’t let it spill) 20m while the other completes deep lunge + elbow drop + rotation + down facing dog (keeping it dynamic, not holding for too long)

X2 sets

Then one person completes 8-12 no push up burpees while the other holds in the bottom of an active squat

X2 sets

then 10-20 cossack squats for quality. working on achieving full ROM (based on your flexibility).

A: Back Squat (Build to a tough 4 reps for the day @ 32X2)

You will have 12min on the clock from start to finish

Goal is a little heavier than last weeks attempt if possible. Last week was 5reps

B: Metcon (Time)

For Time:

15 thrusters 52.5/35kg

3 rope climbs (first rep legless if possible)

12 thrusters

2 rope climbs

9 thrusters

1 rope climb
For the legless rope climb option, only if you are able and regular rope clibs are solid.

Modify the workout as needed in regards to less weight on the thrusters, less reps on the RC or even less height. You are doing this fatigued so it will be different than in skill setting environement.

The flow of this workout will be tricky with only 3 ropes depending upon class size, but same deal as always, the person going a little faster will get right of way. If you need a little rest between rope climbs then let someone else climb whislt you are resting.

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