CrossFit 42 South


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Warm-up (No Measure)

Get in some aerobic work before class to get heart rate up and blood flow happening.

5min mobility flow as a group to restore ROM

then 3 sets of:

10 scap pull ups

10 FLR rotations/ES

then 3 squats feet normal, wide and close with toes forward, in and out

A: Back Squat (20-15-10 @ natural tempo )

Maintaining good form and avoiding long pauses at the top of the rep.

*Repeating from last week, trying to add more weight each set. Sometimes with these larger sets, it’s tricky to pick the weight, so today should be able to really get after it.

A: Back Squat (20-15-10 )

Score for set of 15

A: Back Squat (20-15-10 )

Score for sest of 10

B: SA Dumbbell Row (5 x 6-8/ES)

Go every 2min

Good range of motion, keep it strict not using momentum to just lift more weight

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