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Warm-up (No Measure)

: 5 sets

5 step ups /es (SLOW and controll lowers)

5 push ups (slower down than up)

10 band pull a parts

*taking your time on this warm up. If the step ups are easy, increase the height today, if still easy, add weight to the goblet position.

*If push ups are very hard, do less but with perfect form or do incline push ups.

then 3 more sets of:

2-4 strict TTB (best you can)

1 TGU /es

There is a lot here in this warm up, take your time. Scale things down as needed to keep it a warm up but there is work here that will make you better.

A: Goblet Squat (5×12 @ 21X1)

-rest 1min

Go heavy on these ones today… Use KB or DB. go heavy that picking the weight up to the goblet position is a challenge. this isn’t a ‘warm up’…

A2: Dual Dumbbell Neutral Grip Bench Press (5x 10-12 @ 20X1)

-rest 1min

neutral grip is were you keep the heads of the DBs pointing straight ahead.

A3: Toes-To-Bar (5×8-12 (can break 1 time if needed))

-Rest 1min

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