CrossFit 42 South

Monday 25/6/2012



Spend 12minutes to build up to your best 5rm touch and go power clean


5 rounds for time

10 power cleans 60kg

10 burpees


3 sets of max strict pull ups (scale by band or ring row. Be sure to challenge yourself)


Post weight for strength work, time for WOD and total pull ups to comments

2 Responses to “Monday 25/6/2012”

  1. Martin – 70kg, 15:00 50kg, 21
    For the record its 100% Humidity and about 34 degrees here in Brunei. Sucked not having you guys in my ear pushing me along 😉

  2. Cait says:

    Good onya Martin, good to see that you can still do it even where you are 🙂 you'll surprise us all when you get back, i bet 🙂