CrossFit 42 South

Monday 21/05/2012


Back Squats

3×5 (using the same weight through out)


7min AMRAP

3 back squats 100/70kg

10 push ups


Post load and rounds to comments

KICK ASS Karli… 

Are you drinking enough water?

How much should I be drinking?

How do we know how much we actually need? Take your BW and divided it by 30 to give you the amount of water you need to consume each and everyday. Add an extra 500ml for every hour of exercise.

This may sound like a lot of water but your body needs it. Your body is dehydrated well before your actually thirsty so try to drink fluids through out the course of your daily activities.  


  • Spread out all the water you need to drink in the day. Do not consume to much at once.
  • Be sure that you are always hydrated prior a WOD. 
  • Your urine should be close to a clear colour. If it's a dark yellow that's a sign your not drinking enough water.
  • Always carry a drink bottle with you so you can track how much you are drinking. 

What can dehydration cost you?

  • Lower performance! For every 1% you are dehydrated expect to lose about 10% in performance (say good bye to that FRAN PB or hitting that big back squat)
  • Fatigue/ Sleepy 
  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness/l light headed
  • Constipation

So go fill up your drink bottle and start guzzling on some fresh clean water now. You will be back and forth to the toilet for the first few days and yes this is annoying but this is your bodies way of flushing out all the shit you had built up. After the first few days your body will adjust and be back to normal and you will be performing better, feeling less sleepy and ready to come into the box to hit some PBs. 🙂

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