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There will be no regular classes today but Nikki is running some weightlifting open gym times at:


Come and get some…. Otherwise, home WOD.

Strictly weightlifting ONLY.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

30min EMOM of:

1) 30 mountain climbs

2) 20m walking lunge

3) :20 side plank (es)

4) 10-15 Pike HSPU or push ups

5) 20 sit ups

6) rest
*The pike HSPU are done from a down facing dog position. Focus on pressing the head through at the top. This should feel harder than a regular push up by a lot.


A: Clean and Jerk (2rm)

Build to a heavy 2 rep in 20min. Drop and reset after the first jerk.

clean grip deadlift (5-5-5)

double overhand grip like a clean. Lower hip set up like a clean too.

Slower down than up is the tempo. Realy work your back position on the way down.

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