CrossFit 42 South

Member of the Month, November 2016


When and why did you start training with us here at CrossFit MSD?

I started Crossfit at the end of September 2016 after a friend Elyse Hatchard recommended I try it.  I had been out of the fitness arena for around 18 months after playing hockey for 10 years then around 2 years of various fitness/dance classes.  I was looking for something different but challenging and at the same time concerned about my ability as i had become quite unfit.  I found myself suffering with physical issues due to being unfit.  During the trial period I found Mason and the team (Lucy and Ty) very welcoming and encouraging.  The first thing I noticed was how friendly everyone was and the atmosphere felt good without any ‘wanna bees’.  I really liked the concept of training at your level and ability and being able to gain ‘personal’ goals.  If something is beyond your capability there is always a scaled down version to fit you.  I love that the program is different every day.

What have you achieved since training with us at CrossFit MSD?

I have achieved lots of little gains and changes to my flexibility and have learned new fitness skills and techniques.  I could not do a full squat or touch my toes and never dreamed that I would ever Deadlift my own body weight plus some. These are all achievable now. I am not a morning person however I challenged myself to go to morning classes due to work commitments and now I am awake before the alarm goes off and attend 5 mornings a week most of the time. I sleep better, work better and go to bed earlier.

Who is Lisa away from the box? Work, hobbies, family life, etc

I work part time as a Financial Assistant with Mancell Financial Group.  This is a new job for me having been there only 18 months.  Previous to this I had 12 years of admin roles with State and Federal Government departments. I used to play hockey but that is now replaced with Crossfit.  My husband and I have done quite a bit of travelling and really enjoy seeing and experiencing different cultures and lifestyles and plan on many more trips. I am an amateur photographer and love to photograph our travels along with nature and landscapes. I have 2 adult aged children – a son who lives nearby and a daughter who lives overseas.  I also work in a voluntary capacity for a clothing making business based in Cambodia owned and managed by my daughter. I provide artwork printing specifications to the printers for their customised printed clothing items.

Tell us a fun fact about you?

I ride a Suzuki Intruder 250CC motobike.

What are your goals for the next year?

Keep coming to Crossfit and continue to chip away at gaining more strength and flexibility and to overcome some of the fears I have with the lifting of weights.  To go on another overseas holiday. To complete a Diploma of Business Administration that I started in 2015
Well done, Lisa. You have been kicking ass since you started and seem to only be getting better each week. Keep up the good work.
Be sure to reach out to her to let her know what an awesome job she has been doing, too.

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