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Member of the month for January 2017

elyse member of the month Jan 2017

The member of the month for January 2017 is Elyse Hatchard.

This chick has been crushing it ever since starting with us a bit over 3 years ago. She shows up EVERY DAY, and it’s why she is the bad ass she is now.

When she began training with us, she was super lanky, could barely do an air squat or a push-up and the 15kg barbell was a struggle. We actually started her with PVC pipe on her pressing progressions. Fast forward to now and she is one of the strongest chicks in the gym. Doing handstand pushups, strict pull ups, squatting 100kg and pressing a crap load more than that PVC haha.

It’s fair to say we are all proud of how far you’ve come mate. Keep kicking ass.

When and why did you start training with us here at CrossFit MSD?

I started training here just over 3 years ago.

I choose CrossfitMSD simply because I saw it pop up on looked and sound cool, and like 80% of the female population, I wanted to ‘tone up’ haha.

Plus I had friends tell me I’d hate it and not stick to it so naturally, I decided I’d do it and prove them wrong!
What have you achieved since training with us at CrossFit MSD?

All sorts of things! Big and small, obvious and not so obvious!

My fitness flexibility and strength has slowly but dramatically improved. I can now do many things I never dreamed I’d be able to do! Making the finals in the partner comp with Sam last year was a massive achievement, one I was so scared but excited and completely stoked about!

BUT in saying all that I still think my biggest achievements have been less of the physical side and more on the personal side. Crossfit has given me a better and much healthier mindset towards my body. I have more confidence and now look at food as fuel for my body, not something to avoid in case it make me fat.

Crossfit is something I can do for myself and it gives me a sense of individual accomplishment which is the best feeling of all.
Who is Elyse away from the box? Work, hobbies, family life, etc

Elyse is a simple human.

I’m a hairdresser, I come from a big family of  7 and at the moment I live in Somerset with my 2 fur babies.

I love baking and making my friends and family full of sweet treats.
Tell us a fun fact about you?

Ahhhhhhhh haha my arms are way out of proportion.. My arm span is longer than I am tall which makes my dance moves ridiculously hilarious and terribly great!
What are your goals for the next year?

My goal for the year is to continually turn up so I can learn more. That way I can keep making little improvements which soon add up to bigger and better achievements!

If I consistently do the best I can do, I’m happy!

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