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Member of the month April 2017

Bron member of the month April 2017


Firstly, very behind on this post. This was a long time coming, and even since the month of March, Bron has been crushing it. She is very deserving of this award any month of the year with the effort she has been putting in.

Well done mate 🙂

When and Why did you start training here with us at CrossFit MSD?

I started CrossFit for real (after one previous half arsed attempt) a bit over a year ago to try and get fit and lose weight for my sister’s wedding. I quickly found out, after I stopped being self conscious, that I love weight training. But what kept me coming back was the support I received from the coaches and other members.

What have you achieved since training with us at CrossFit MSD?

I got fit with a chronic foot injury, got to my weight target for my sister’s wedding, can squat over 100kg and will hopefully get double unders and toes to bar some day soon.

Who is Bron away from the box?

Away from the box, I’m a Provisional Psychologist who works with children and who loves live music, bush walking, doggos and red wine.

Tell us a fun fact about you?

My fun fact is that just after I started I knocked out a tooth doing thrusters at the start of a workout. But with some support from another member, I spat out the chunk of a tooth and managed to finish the wod.

What are your goals short term and long term?

My next goal is to overtake Elyse in squats and deadlifts coz that chick is gnarly and hopefully lose more weight. I would love to do a half marathon one day and be able to do all the cool stuff like handstand push-ups and muscle ups. But who knows…

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