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Lachlan Coyne lost 17 kilos in 6 weeks

I started going to Crossfit after talking to Bomma and telling him how I wanted to get fitter and healthier so he recommended Crossfit MSD to me. I thought why not, I’ll give it a shot and haven’t looks back since. When I first started Mason sent me for a 100m jog after which I felt like I wanted to die, he then pushed me to do some Burpees (5 I believe) which felt like hell on earth. After I went home I thought “I need to get better” so I signed up. Now 6 weeks later I can run 600m before I need to break, Burpees are now a possibility and even to an extent fun to do. My life has changed dramatically since joining I can now walk down the street without getting out of breath and can enjoy the basics of life a lot easier now.

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