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How Kelli Kaine lost 12kilos in 4 months (Athlete Testimonial)

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Athlete testimonial by Kelli Kaine

 “I couldn’t rate Crossfit MSD, the coaches and atmosphere more highly.

Mason has absolutely changed my life in a positive way.

It’s so much more than exercise, it’s accomplishing goals day in and day out, lifting heavier, running faster and doing things you never thought could be possible and it all becomes a way of life I don’t think in my 29 years have I ever been this excited about working out.

I’m now 12 kilos lighter since starting 4 months ago but most importantly feeling fit, strong, healthy and have way more energy.

The coaching advice is one of a kind where you are supported all the way through every aspect of your training and is honestly like having a personal trainer.

Always approachable, supportive and encourage the shit out of you.  

Crossfit MSD all the way.”


Words can’t explain how proud of her I am. She deserves to be acknowledged for her hard work.

So how did she achieve these results?

She showed up everyday, did what we asked of her, put in 100% on each workout and she even said she didn’t change her diet to much. She just stuck to the training plan and got amazing results. We are now going to sit down together, grab a coffee and get her nutrition dialed in. The results then will be scary.

If you want to learn a little bit more about what she has actually been doing in the gym contact me by email or you can book a FREE trial class by following the steps on the top left hand side of this website.



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