CrossFit 42 South

Friday the 30th August 2013


1) Back squat 5rm


2) 4x ME strict pull ups/chin ups

*alternate between pull ups and chin ups. 2x each movement. Score is total reps combined. Try to beat last week. If you done 40+ add weight



Double alternating tabata of:

1-     Ring dips*

2-     Ab mat sit ups

*if you don’t have 10 push ups please do push ups for dips. Use orange band max


Finisher (done straight after, no rest)

Run 625m (block) as hard as possible.


Additional Work

Bench press 1rm

*You can then use this as a guide on where you should start your 3×5’s at. 75% of todays max next week will be a good place to start for those who want to improve their pressing strength.



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